Educational campaign for safe use of contact lenses endorsed by TFOS

EUROMCONTACT is pleased to be associated with TFOS- Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society, a non-profit scientific society and global leader in eye health education, to support the educational campaign ‘Healthy eyes are in your hands’.

The pandemic has shown that our health depends on our behavior. Our new normalcy in response to the global health crisis has reinforced numerous hygiene behaviors, offering the opportunity to draw attention to eye health.

The campaign “Healthy Eyes Are in Your Hands” is an awareness project dedicated to contact lenses and their safe use, and is promoted by TFOS – Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society, a non-profit, global scientific society and a global leader in eye health education.  “This campaign in collaboration with TFOS fully meets our mission. EUROMCONTACT has always been committed to promoting the safe and responsible use of contact lenses. Reinforcing compliance messages is key to healthy contact lens wear” said Nicoletta Losi, President of EUROMCONTACT.

10 simple rules

The campaign promotes 10 simple rules, created and disseminated for the safe use of contact lenses.
Click the images to download the rules and guides.

An educational video

The rules have also been summarized in the educational video “Healthy Eyes Are in Your Hands” in which children are given indications on correct and healthy behavior and compliance during contact lens usage.