June 2015: EUROMCONTACT Regulatory Affairs releases Guidelines for SMEs to prepare for un-announced audits.
Document is available here.

May 2015: How to be a happy and successful contact lens wearer.
Document is available here.

May 2015: Updated version of Today’s truth about contact lenses
Dismissing the myths provides a set of Frequently Asked Questions for Eye Care Practitioners, general practitioners and pediatricians who are not directly involved in Contact Lens Practice.
Document is available here.

Updated version of Contact lens, the Internet and You.
The document provides some straightforward advice you might like to consider when choosing how and where to buy your contact lenses. Available here.
Infographic is available here.

November 2014: EUROMCONTACT key messages on Medical Devices Regulation. 
The document calls for inclusion of plano lenses in the scope of the Medical Devices Regulation so as to improve patient safety.
The document is available here.

March 2014: Joint Industry Position Paper on Economic Operators.
Paper is available here.